Hello, I’m Rachit Kakkar! I’m a high school student highly passionate about technology, history, and investing. My passion for programming began when I first learned python in 5th grade and grew as I participated in every programming class my middle school had to offer. During this time, I also began participating in Air Force Association’s Cyberpatriot (where my team reached as high as first in the state and top ten nationally).

My passion for programming now manifests itself in the programs I code in my free time, which are on my Github accompanied with write-ups on my blog. In addition, I serve as captain of my school’s official computer science club and survey club and continue to compete in Cyberpatriot. I also joined my high school’s FIRST FRC Robotics team (418) and am now the Embedded Software Lead.

Academically, I have continued to educate myself on CS by taking classes such as AP Computer Science and Digital Electronics. Digital Electronics in particular has been my favorite class since it introduced me to the whole new world of electrical engineering. In the beginning, the class focused on the basics of circuits (such as resistors and capacitors) and logic. However, it gradually built up to constructing complex circuits all the way to a functioning Microprocessor simulated in the Logism software. Furthermore, the class taught me how to use Arduinos, simulate circuits using ngpice, program in ARM assembly, and program FPGA boards using Altera Quartus II & Modelsim and Verilog.

My other passions occupy much of my time as well. I read books and watch documentaries about history, a habit I have had since a young age. I have been investing my savings in assets such as stocks, ETFs, and index funds ever since I was introduced to personal finance through my CTE Graphic Design class. Finally, I edit videos for various projects using Adobe Premiere and After Effects.